pokaż spoiler Mój węgierski #niebieskipasek szuka pracy w Krakowie, żebyśmy po 2,5 roku związku na odległość mogli zamieszkać razem. Pomożecie?

Ci, co obserwują mój profil, tagi #wegry, #budapeszt i #snuffkinvagyok wiedzą, że od jakiegoś czasu jestem into #zwiazki z przedstawicielem najbardziej przyjaznego nam narodu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) po 2.5 roku jeżdżenia do siebie co weekend, nocy we Flixbusie, tęsknioszków i planowania żylidlugoiszczesliwie.exe, przyszło nam w końcu podjąć decyzję, którą pod moimi postami tostowało całe mnóstwo Mirków – wprowadzamy się razem! Wiem, do jak dobrych rzeczy jest zdolne mirko, więc pomyślałam, że poprosimy naszą ulubioną internetową społeczność o pomoc – może ktoś z Was pracuje w branży industrial manufacturing / design / automotive i poszukuje pracownika? Ze swojej strony obiecuje, że Kraków tą transakcją zyska wielkiego fanatyka #lego, który chętnie podzieli się postami na temat tworzenia własnych modeli pojazdów, nad którymi po godzinach pracuje.

pokaż spoiler Żeby nie było, ze #oszukujo – tostujemy #pokazmorde ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Najlepiej więc oddam głos samemu zainteresowanemu; Mirko – András, poznajcie się :3

Good morning, #krakow!

I’m András, Hungarian mechanical engineer from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After living for more than two years in long distance relationship with my girlfriend, @Snuffkin, finally we will move together. I’m coming to Kraków and looking for job here. I’m interested in engineering tasks combining software and the controlled hardware, such as PLC programming, but I’m always to try and learn new things.

When one juggles priorities in life well, balancing studies, social life and even work is possible. I was production manager in metal working between February and November 2018. My task was scheduling and planning manufacturing jobs and cooperating with shiftleaders to complete them. Besides, I kept contact with customers and supported the quality department in handling complaints.

Also, as a part of my studies, I had an obligatory traineeship during summer of 2015. I liked my work so much that after the obligatory 6 weeks, I stayed there as a part-time coworker. I analyzed the production lines to identify bottlenecks and elaborated solutions for them and used SolidWorks for various design tasks, e.g. a deburring station with a robot-held tool.

Did you watch How It’s Made? Just remember back, how cool the videos were when they showed different pieces of manufacturing equipment and step by step, there was a lightbulb, a pair of sunglasses or a car. Now this is what I learned about during MSc in Mechanical Engineering, specialized in Manufacturing Technology. My master’s thesis was the design and virtual commissioning of a reconfigurable manufacturing cell, including CAD modeling with Siemens NX and PLC programming.

During my MSc I already experienced how will it be to live in a different culture when I took the chance to study for a semester in Spain, as a part of Erasmus+ exchange program. I brushed up my Spanish skills, made friends from even Mexico, programmed CNC machines and learnt about robotics.

You know what else is more impressive than seeing complex manufacturing systems working? When they do their tasks without any human interaction! Automation was one of the core parts of my studies during BSc in Mechatronics Engineering, I learnt Festo PLC programming and C, C++ languages and LabVIEW via project tasks. Besides this, I got familiar then with CAD softwares e.g. SolidWorks and Inventor and FEM softwares such as Ansys. I wrote my thesis about data analysis of wearing out and damage of fluid machines, using VBA to extend the abilities of Excel by macros.

Meanwhile progressing with university studies, I took part in the work of international student association Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). I was main organizer of EBEC international engineering competition’s local round in 2016 and of academic course of BEST Budapest in 2014. I was the topic responsible of the national/regional round of EBEC in 2015, working with an international core team. I could try myself in a multicultural environment and improved my project management, public speaking, presentation and problem-solving skills.
Besides organizing the events above, I have also been participant of academic courses in Madrid and in Lisbon – actually, that’s where Ilona and I met 🙂

In metal working, my boss was Dutch with very basic Hungarian, so I’m already used to work in English. I learned Spanish in high school and put that into practice during my Erasmus, chatting with people all over Europe and Latin America and learning about manufacturing technologies in Spanish. Mówie też trochę po polsku, uczyłem się sam i w Instytucie Polskim w Budapeszcie i ćwiczę kiedy tylko mogę. Bardzo lubię disco polo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If your company needs a freshly-graduated mechanical engineer, who, besides the mechanical systems, has experience with several programming languages, project management, has an opened mindset and who is persistent and precise in work, please pass me the contact of a recruiter whom I can send my CV. Till then, find my LinkedIn profile here:



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